What A College Job Taught Me About Learning Spanish

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Back in college I had several different jobs during the summer. One of them was working at a fast food restaurant, another was working at a summer camp in Arkansas, but the job that I learned the most at was installing rain gutters. Installing rain gutters? Yep. That was the job that really taught me the most about how the importance of repetition, getting taught by someone who knew what they were doing, having a system of work, and working through challenges.

When I worked in fast food, it was just basically here’s what you do, now make sure you do it. At summer camp, I taught sailing, which was pretty easy because there were only a few things the kids needed to learn. But installing rain gutters, well, that was a challenge, but I learned a great deal about customer service, bidding jobs, installing the gutters, and learning from someone who was a master at their job. Continue reading

Rocket Spanish Language Course Software Review


rocket spanish language course

The Rocket Spanish Language Course has been around for a while. They certainly aren’t lacking in accolades, having been featured in various outlets as well as receiving the Best Educational Software annual award, and they also boast over a million satisfied students. That’s a lot, but can the Rocket Course really give you everything you need to master the Spanish language, or would you be better off looking elsewhere?

The Rocket Spanish Language Course Package

Like many similar courses, the Rocket Spanish Language Course is based on audio files strung together to form one long lesson. The journey is meant to take you from someone who potentially has no clue about Spanish to a person who can speak it fluently. A great aspect of these audio files is that the words and sentences are spoken by native speakers, giving you the best possible idea of how things are meant to sound. Continue reading

Rosetta Stone Spanish Language Course Software Review

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For many, Rosetta Stone is the first online Spanish course they’ll hear of. The commercials can be so convincing that many will look no further, and decide they could use a Spanish language lesson without assessing the pros and cons.

Obviously, Rosetta Stone Spanish language course wouldn’t be nearly as popular as it is if it wasn’t doing a fairly good job of teaching the Spanish language. But how familiar will you be with the Spanish language, and can other software do it better?

A good starting point, but… Continue reading

Fluenz Spanish Language Course Software Review

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The Spanish-learning software Fluenz has an interesting marketing strategy. Much of it seems to revolve around favorable comparisons against a similar language-learning software called Rosetta Stone. The main Fluenz website is rather filled with mentions of Rosetta Stone and why Fluenz is just so much better than it.

We’re not quite sure why Fluenz makes such a point to disparage Rosetta Stone (aside from the latter’s popularity), nor do we imagine that the RS team is too happy about it. If we’re to believe the site, Fluenz performs better than a popular language-learning software in many areas that count, but how great is it really and does it deliver enough bang for the buck? Continue reading

How Spanish Can Benefit You At Your Job


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The image of the Alamo that is located in San Antonio, Texas is a shout out to one of my friends from high school who now lives in San Antonio. Eddie took my advice about learning Spanish as a second language and now owns a limousine company there that he uses Spanish on a daily basis. Eddie is really grateful that he took my advice. If you are in San Antonio and need a limo or town car, look him up at http://www.sanantoniotoplimo.com. Tell him his buddy Joe from Arizona sent you his way!

You’d be hard-pressed to find a country with more Latin influence than the U.S. – aside from Latin countries themselves, of course. Latin people, particularly those who use Spanish as their primary language, have integrated themselves in all layers of American society, making Spanish as a second language exceedingly useful to know. Continue reading

Why an Online Spanish Language Course is the Best Way to Learn Spanish

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So, what’s the deal with an online Spanish language course? Many who lack proper information feel that an online course can never replace one held in a classroom. In truth, the effectiveness of an online course depends most heavily on the student – these courses are rarely lacking in features compared to their real-life counterparts, but they do put more responsibility on you.

It’s not hard to see why. You attend an online course on your computer. You also watch YouTube videos on your computer, browse Facebook on your computer, Google new diets on your computer… You get the point. Not only do distractions lurk around every corner, they also threaten to take hours of your time without you even realizing it.

Continue reading

How To Choose The Best Spanish Language Course

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For people in the U.S., Spanish is often the second language they’re most interested in learning. Whether it’s to appreciate Spanish entertainment more or perhaps to be able to communicate with Latin people lacking a good grasp on the English language, the situations where a U.S. citizen will be thankful for knowing Spanish are plenty.

However, the hectic schedules of our everyday lives can make learning something new difficult, especially if it involves attending classes. Some simply can’t set aside enough hours to visit a Spanish-teaching classroom weekly; others are happy to have finished their education and get jitters from the mere thought of having to sit in class again. Continue reading

Why You Should Learn Spanish


So you’re probably visiting my site because you have decided you want to learn Spanish and are trying to take the best and easiest path forward to learning this incredible language. You have made a very wise choice to learn Spanish. Spanish is spoken by over 470 million people worldwide as either their primary language. It is second only to Mandarin Chinese with the number of native speakers. Spanish is also the official language in 20 countries and it is the 2nd most popular second language learned in the United States. Continue reading