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The Rocket Spanish Language Course has been around for a while. They certainly aren’t lacking in accolades, having been featured in various outlets as well as receiving the Best Educational Software annual award, and they also boast over a million satisfied students. That’s a lot, but can the Rocket Course really give you everything you need to master the Spanish language, or would you be better off looking elsewhere?

The Rocket Spanish Language Course Package

Like many similar courses, the Rocket Spanish Language Course is based on audio files strung together to form one long lesson. The journey is meant to take you from someone who potentially has no clue about Spanish to a person who can speak it fluently. A great aspect of these audio files is that the words and sentences are spoken by native speakers, giving you the best possible idea of how things are meant to sound.

The Rocket Spanish Course isn’t exactly an ‘online’ one – while you can visit a type of knowledge base with live support on the internet, most of the learning is done using the aforementioned audio, which you can upload anywhere you’d like. Therefore, you can listen to most of the lessons while driving your car or exercising, which is a big plus.

By now, you’re surely wondering how much the whole thing costs. The Rocket Course website claims that each hour of lessons costs less than $1, which isn’t too far from the truth. There are three basic packages:

  • The first, which claims to take you from a beginner to intermediate level, has 134 total hours of audio and costs $150.
  • The second ‘beginner to advanced’ package costs $250 and contains 244 hours of audio distributed among 122 different lessons.
  • The final package, aimed at the most dedicated learners, has 370 hours of lessons. Supposedly, this package was once $450, but is now down to $260 – $10 extra for an additional 126 hours seems like a no-brainer.

You can either download these files off the internet whenever you’d like or opt to order CDs with them, which are fairly expensive – you’ll pay $300 for each 120 hours of audio, give or take a few.

There are also incentives in the form of a free trial as well as a money-back guarantee. The trial gives you a taste of what the full package will be like, giving you 4 hours of lessons. The company CEO also insists that you can ask for a full refund for up to 60 days from the moment of purchase.

Rocket Spanish Language Course Possible Drawbacks

Being one of the top Spanish courses out there, the Rocket Course isn’t troubled by as many drawbacks as some lesser ones are. Still, it’s worth noting that the course is clearly aimed at beginner and intermediate students – those looking for advanced lessons are likely to find the package lackluster.

There is no way have the course customized towards an advanced student – you’ll have to sift through hours of beginner lessons before you can find a good starting point if you’re already knowledgeable; the course also lacks focus on written Spanish, especially the high-level variety.

Still, you aren’t likely to go wrong with the Rocket Spanish Course if you’re a novice looking to gain a decent understanding of conversational Spanish.

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